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Building upon the power of Tridium's industry standard sofware frameworks, Niagara AX, Niagara 4 and Sedona.  We implement an open strategy with our systems that makes them endlessly extensible and universally serviceable.
Our highly refined cabinet layouts and panel designs are built to minimize the install time required by onsite contractors. All components utilised are widely available on the open market for ease of replacement.
Making sure everything is working properly is a challenging task that can only be tackled by qualified on site personel. StartUp, Commissioning and Continuous Commissioning services ensure that clients' systems work as the engineer intended.
Turbocor Specialists
Turbocor Centrifugal Compressors have ushered in a new era of ultra high efficiency chilled water plants for use in Data Centers.  Our systems control some of the largest and most efficient Turbocor Compressor installations in the world.
Meeting all of your automation control needs.